Service time:

Sunday's at 10:00am


How We Worship Together

We do things differently at Living Peace.   To put it simply, we do church together.

Instead of a traditional format, we allow everyone to participate in their own way.   This may be through song, prayer, stories, scripture, or any other way God has inspired us.    There usually is no sermon - but rather a study and fellowship together, exploring how the Holy Spirit inspires us.

In addition to Scripture, we use various texts from Christian Authors to guide us into discussion about living out our faith, impacting the community for the greater good, and to better understand how God is actively seeking us out for His glory.

All are welcome to join, and all are welcome to share.

What We're Currently Working Through Together:

Unpublished work in progress: Guide to Biblical Studies: "Acknowledging God"

Written by Mary Sue Rosenberger, care of the Brethren Press.


Studies We've Finished:

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