*Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Living Peace Church services are being held through a video-conferencing platform.   To join our worship online or by phone, please contact worship@livingpeacecob.org for connection details. 

Welcome to Living Peace Church:

an Open and Affirming Community

Living Peace Church of the Brethren affirms the core values of peace and nonviolence, simple living, and community that form the foundation of the Church of the Brethren as a denomination. We, the people of Living Peace, believe that prayerful discernment in the Holy Spirit leads us to better understand God's Word and God's Message to us in our daily living. We want everyone to live a life of plenty—full of the peace, compassion, and love brought by our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

If this is your desire, join us! We earnestly need you to help us hear God more fully. Bring your gifts and talents and gather with us at God's Table, and share with us in abundant living. Living Peace Church of the Brethren does not and will not discriminate for any reason against any person who earnestly desires to be part of the life of our community.


About Living Peace

Living Peace Church of the Brethren is a small, informal congregation in Northwest Columbus, Ohio. We have a participatory worship and decision-making style (see our Constitution).

 Situated on 8 acres of open and wooded land, yet surrounded by suburbia on all sides, Living Peace's green space is home to a family of deer, and provides room for youth sports and dog walking, as well as serving as a quiet and contemplative retreat.


Living Peace Church of the Brethren began on Palm Sunday, 1986, as New Covenant Church of the Brethren. An outreach of the Southern Ohio District of the Church of the Brethren to the state's capital district, the congregation's peace focus over the years led to the December, 2005 decision to change our name: