As a part of the mission of the Brethren church and as Christians, Living Peace Church members are involved in several outreach opportunities.  

Current Outreach Opportunities include:

Peanut Brittle

It's safe to say that Living Peace Church makes the best homemade peanut brittle around.   During the fall and holiday season each year, members gather together to embark on a joyful day of peanut brittle making.  If interested in purchasing peanut brittle, please email us!   During the 2012 Peanut Brittle season, a total of 240 pounds of the delicious crunchy treat was made.  This nearly beat out the 235 pounds made the previous year.


Anti-Human Trafficking

Living Peace has partnered with the Salvation Army to assist in providing meals to those who have been affected by situations of human trafficking.  Schedules vary depending on need.  Contact us to see how you can get involved!


Sack Lunches for the Homeless

Due to over-capacity shelters, the YMCA and YWCA recognized a need to provide housing and meals for men and women often left to fend for themselves in the cold winter months.  The overcrowding at the existing shelters leaves hundreds of individuals on the streets without assistance.

In fall 2011, Living Peace Church became aware of this need within the Columbus community.  While unable to house the individuals at the church facility, Living Peace instead organized a collection to assemble sack lunches for the men and women in overflow shelters.  A simple sack lunch can sustain an individual for the majority of the day, affording them the energy and nutrition to find and search the resources available to them get back on their feet. 

With the help of many volunteers and donors, Living Peace was able to provide 250+ sack lunches for homeless women in Columbus, Ohio in early 2012.  Recognizing this continued need in early 2013, Living Peace again organized a collection and delivered 880 sacks to the YMCA/YWCA for their distrubution to the individuals in overflow.  


Links to several articles published by the Columbus Dispatch concering the Overflow Housing Situation are below.

Overflow Housing Need in Columbus Update To Overflow Housing - Housing at Churches not Allowed Simply Catholic joins Living Peace to