In 2009, Living Peace saw an opportunity.  With 3 acres in our front yard doing nothing but being mowed every other week - we saw an opportunity to save money in mowing, reduce our carbon foot-print, and give back to the community.  We planted a prairie with Ohio native species of grasses and flowers.

With the help of many individuals in and outside the church, we were able to convert the front yard to three separate prairie areas.   After 2 years of growth, 3 different species of grass have been identified, as well as a multitude of flowers.  

Planting native species is also a way to help conserve the native plant species locally in central Ohio.  And in turn, the birds, bugs, and other critters that enjoy the native plants.   Author Charlotte Adelman and her husband share a similar philosophy in their book, "Midwestern Native Garden."   A link to an article about this philosophy can be found here.